Study In Canada

Canada is one of the top destination countries for international students due to its multicultural society, academic excellence, and welcoming nature for international students. It offers a wide range of courses in different fields of study. Moreover, it facilitates international students with PSWP(Post Study Work Permit) which facilitates you even to get a  permanent residency which will be beneficial for your personal and career growth.

Why Choose Canada?

Quality Education
Canada is known for its highly-ranked universities and quality education system. The existence of globally recognized top universities is one of the reasons behind the heavy flow of international students in Canada. It prioritizes on practical and research-based education system which draws the attention of every international student.
Safety and Quality of Life
Canada is one of the safest countries in the world as its crime rate is very low. It offers a safe environment for international students. It offers a wide range of natural beauties, recreational activities, and vibrant cities which contributes to maintaining the quality of life.
Diverse Range of Programs
Canada offers a wide range of programs in accordance with your interest and academic background. It provides varieties of fields of study such as business, arts, science, health, and so on.
Career Opportunities
Canadian universities are highly ranked in the world and degree from their universities directly helps in opening the door to the global market. Employers value the international experience and skills gained from studying in Canada which enhance your employability prospects.
Affordable Education
Universities in Canada are affordable in comparison to USA, UK, and Australia. It helps students to get relief from financial burdens. Moreover, Canadian universities provide favorable amounts of scholarships and financial aid for international students.
Possibility of Permanent Residency
Canada offers various pathways for international students to obtain permanent residency. Canadian government value international students and offers different immigration programs like post-graduation work permit which helps students with the possibility of obtaining permanent residency if they are eligible.

Qualifications Requirements for Canada

Document Requirement for Applying to Canada from Nepal

(All Documents Must be Translated into English and Notarized)

Types Of Scholarships For Nepalese Students - Canada